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Sons and Daughters – ‘Thank You’ cards

001 - Sons and Daughters – ‘Thank You’ cards

Every year in October, fostering services across the UK run some great events and activities to recognise and reward the sons and daughters of foster carers for the important role they play in welcoming fostered children and young people in to their families.

This year, if your fostering service wants to do something extra special for the sons and daughters of your foster carers, making sure they feel special and appreciated for their contribution to making fostering a success, then The Fostering Network has a great idea for you that will really stand out.

We have created printed packs of our brand new ‘Sons and Daughters’ thank you cards that are a perfect way to send a big thank on good quality stationery that will really let these special young people know how much their contribution to foster care is appreciated.

The A5 cards come with envelopes in packs of 25 and come with the message ‘Thank you for everything you do to make foster care better’

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